Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Civis Romanus sum

You scored as Augustus.

You are Augustus! First emperor of the Romans and one of the greatest statesmen in the ancient world. You brilliantly eased the old Republic into the Principate and set the path for an empire that would last for centuries and form the underpinnings for all western civilization. Hail Caesar!

Augustus 89%
Marcus Aurelius 82%
Antoninus Pius 61%
Tiberius 50%
Vespasian 50%
Hadrian 50%
Claudius 46%
Nerva 39%
Domitian 36%
Trajan 32%
Vitellius 25%
Nero 21%
Commodus 0%
Caligula 0%

While I'd rather have thought I was the Vespasian type, at least I avoided any similarity in the loathsome Commodus/Caligula category...


walternatives said...

Antoninus Pius for me. Fun quiz.

Anonymous said...

That is cool. I need to go through that quiz.