Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ave atque Vale

The Last Post - if you'll excuse the pun - has been sounded over at the "old" Intel Dump

I've enjoyed posting and discussing and arguing political and military topics there since back in the early Oughts. Phil Carter, the site's host, provided the topics and the forum, but it was the literate, crafty, opinionated and contentious crew of commentors that made it my cyber-corner-bar for many years. Too many great people made the discussions there a fierce delight to name them all: if you're reading this, you know who you are. Thank you.

PC has moved over to the "new" Intel Dump at the Washington Post and I hope you visit him there. I hope that I will also continue to meet and palaver the issues with my online battle buddies there and at JD's fine blog "buggieboy".

And to that great humorist Franklin Drackman: you're hot, hot, hot, girlfriend! Two snaps in an oblique formation for being the very, very last poster to the old "Dump" ever.

But sic transit gloria Dumpi. Here's to us, who's like us, damn few and they're all dead.

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Ael said...

Hey, what is with the picture of a TFT as part of a GFT? Sorta defeats the purpose of a GFT.

Also, a GFT isn't a GFT without a "Ron" line. (I.e. the line on the slider, called the Ron line because all sliders were etched by a single guy, who was named Ron.)