Thursday, April 23, 2009

It is?

So we're watching the Peeper's favorite "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" the other night and the episode that comes on is one we've seen before. Like, lots before."Wait, haven't we seen this one, like, three times already?" asks my bride.

"Wanna see it again." insists the Peep.

"You want to see the same thing again and again?" his mom asks skeptically.

The Peep peers out from his blanket cocoon on the couch like a freckled lemur peeping from dense foliage and sniffs.

"Well, that's what five-year-olds LIKE." he announces.


OK, then...


sheerahkahn said...

Did he do his Jedi mind-tricks hand wave?

"You will like the clone wars, you will watch it again and again."

FDChief said...

Sheerah: In that one, strong the Force is...

basilbeast said...

Maybe even we'll even see a discussion of general strategy and battlefield tactics in Star Wars forthcoming?



basilbeast said...


even in typing even, even the Force with me even is not.



Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

They have certain wisdom, these 5 year olds.

Shopping last night, I passed a mother asking her 5-year-old about some nice madras shorts in the boy's section. Came the reply:

"No mom, we don't like things like that." Whoa -- a 5-year-old who not only knows himself, but can speak for his peeps. (Just so we all know: the madras shorts were made with women in mind.)

A 5-year-old boy could have a heck of a job as a fashion consultant for his demographic.

FDChief said...
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GLovely said...

As I squirmed through the umpteenth viewing of a tedious 'family classic' some years ago a wiser parent put it in perspective for me: "Remember," she said, "childhood is not about novelty, it's about mastery."

FDChief said...

Basil: I have a hard time biting my tongue when we watch - the "George Lucas School of Individual Movement and Tactics" seems to consist of "Stand there (or advance at a walk) and shoot until you get hit or all the enemy are dead."

But the lightsaber duels are pretty cool. Probably something to do with my kendo past...

And not always good my typing is either...

Lisa: "...the madras shorts were made with women in mind."Mmmm...they work for guys of a certain background, too. As the product of an East Coast private college, the notion of a field-hockey-toned, perfect-overbite-north-Jersey-bat-mitzvahed-squash-playing English major wearing a burnt sienna headband, madras shorts, Topsiders and nothing else is a sort of vagus-nerve-reflex of sensuality I've enjoyed with for thirty years.


Madras shorts are one of those things that are probably pretty wildhotsexycool on that coed (for me) or a slender twentysomething blonde Saddle River Brahmin (Country Day School/Peddie/Princeton/lacrosse and crew, which is what they imply in all the ads for you) but in real life they usually drape the massive hams and truck ass of a country club Republican.

So I'm kinda with our boy: the reality sorta drags down the fantasy.

FDChief said...

GLovely: And as Master Yoda reminds us, mastery comes even to the little - "Size is not everything; judge me by my size, will you?"

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...


"the massive hams and truck ass of a country club Republican"

ROFL, or horrified -- actually, a bit of both! As I am not in the Berkshires, I see the latter form daily. Oh, but the POLO ads do promise us something more, no? More than madras twinned with polo shirts sporting big mouth bass and hooks -- Yes, I've seen it!

The lad was right: in this neck o' the woods, boys don't like plaid-looking clothes. Not real boys.

They play polo on the other coast.
(I need to get more sleep!)