Thursday, May 07, 2009

16 Tons

I apologize for my silence. The past week has been hectic in several ways and my blogging has suffered.

For one thing, I've just spent two unutterably filthy days in the field. Wednesday may very well have been the most physically demanding day of work I've ever done, and I was a paratrooper medic for almost seven years. Here I am about noon - Dirty, Phase I:And now here I am driving home: Dirty, Phase IV. I am so sore I can feel every muscle, and I think some of the grime may need a steam jenny to remove.Anyway, I have a day of drilling tomorrow and then a final day that starts at 4am Saturday.

And then I can rest.

So - I'll see you then.


Red Sand said...

I was hoping that the silence was just a busy silence... wishing you rest soon.

sheerahkahn said...

Well, two things Chief:
1: In this economy, busy means job security, and that is a wonderful thing! Congratulations!

2: IF EVER I SAW A MAN IN NEED OF BEER, it is you, in the truck, right at that moment!

Here's hoping you had a nice tall, icy glass of brew waiting for you.

See you when you feel like writing again.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the update, Chief, but sorry it's such a tough time right now. Like Sheerah said, I hope you had some relief after that hard day.

We'll see you when you are rested.

mike said...

A nice tall glass of porter brewed locally or stout (anything but guiness) will put the fire back in your belly.

FDChief said...

Whatever energy I had I lost this morning; I arrived at 0230, the drillers were an hour late, and then we his 6-9 feet of concrete and large-dimension rip-rap that stopped us cold.

I'm whipped.

Back Sunday. Love to y'all.