Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hang up and Drive

January 1 was the first day of Oregon's new "cell-phone law". From that day forward, you touch your cell phone at your peril while driving.

Supposedly you can still talk if you have a "hands-free" device, but I suspect that my old LG pocketwatch won't adapt to them. Which means a new cell phone...

...or something.

The thing I find a little irking is that I am generally a fairly decent driver with my cell on. I don't dial the thing, and it picks up when I open it, so there's no buttons to push when someone calls in.

The things I do that do tend to distract me - eating, and reading maps - are still perfectly legal, or so I understand. And I drive a lot at work, and using the cell to talk while going from one site to another is a very efficient way for me to work.

But no matter; it looks like I'm going to have to go to the goddam Verison store.Rrrr.

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