Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Jukebox: Hey Ya, Carrier Air Wing Edition

I'd almost forgotten about this; music video made by a Navy C&C squadron, the "Sun Kings" of VAW-116:Works for me because 1) the OutKast tune is wicked catchy, and 2) the gang of flying squids is funny, REALLY funny, and they catch something of the clever silliness you get when you have a bunch of young (and some not so young), smart people with time on their hands.

Happy Friday, and welcome to May...

(h/t to Armchair Generalist and Starbuck over at Wings over Iraq.


Lisa said...

Very cute -- Happy May day!

mike said...

The E2 squadrons are the comedians of the Navy. I did a carrier tour back in 79/80 and the Black Eagles VAW-113 did a similar routine. The squadron CO was the wildest practical joker I ever saw. It is apparently an AEW schtik. Must be something about that huge, flying-saucer-looking aircraft taking off and landing on the short and constantly moving airstrip of a carrier. Those guys made the fighter pilots look like wimps, but they never bragged, thy just joked.