Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why are things so DAMN slow around here?

I agree with you - I'm not making my quota. Three - THREE? - posts and it's mid-May? WTF, dude? you ask... Are you on a slow-down strike? Cat got yer blog? What's the hold-up?

Well, if you look at the little sidebar, you'll see one big reason; I'm teaching at Portland Community College nights. Notice how I was on track for alomst a post a day in January and February. Now look at March, when the class started.

I love my students, they're great, but......they take a lot of my time, some from my family but mostly from my outside pastimes like blogging. So that's had a LOT to do with the silence around here.And there's always home and family...which this month included a week-long trip East to Grandmas and Grandpas.It was a shame, really, because my parents are just too old to enjoy their grandlings, but the maternal grandparents make up for it with the fierce love they hold for their little ones. And the nice thing is that this time the littles responded, giving their gaffer and gammar an ocean of love to lave their spirits in.The kiddos loved everything about Grandma and Grampa's - the beach, the little house, the adventures in Boston and Plymouth, the spoiling and the ice cream.

But between kids and travel and teaching and work...

I suspect that things will be fairly quiet here until June, when the grades are handed out and I am a free man in the evenings again. I could wish otherwise, but we all know the maximum effective range of a wish, don't we?

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Lisa said...

We will be waiting.