Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why I Love Geology 1: رقص شرقي

Came across this looking for a cartoon to attach to an email congratulating a co-worker for passing her GIT:
"Claire works as a senior geologist engineer at Arup, in Central Square Forth Street, Newcastle, and says her colleagues were taken aback when they first peered into the boot of her car. She said: “They see me wearing steel toe-caps and a hard hat so to see my sequined outfit and hip belts was a bit shocking for them."
Which just served to remind me of what I know from being in the business: geologists tend to be bright, outgoing, interesting people who also tend to do all sorts of entertaining things outside their profession.A transoceanic tip of the hard hat to Ms. Novis!


basilbeast said...


So, that's what geologists do and look like off the job.



sheerahkahn said...

For some odd reason, I'm kind of digging the whole muddy puddle grubber by day, and the sequined booty shaker at night theme.
It has an appealing opposing, and yet poetic theme going on wiht it...so...Chief...when are we going to see your.../smile...other side?

Lisa said...

This is a great little tidbit.

Per sheerah's inquiry, can we surmise, based on your rather rough self-reportage, that your flip-side would be an extremely sensitive and poetic soul, well-schooled in the arts of all things delicate and refined? Yes, I have a strong sense that this is so :)

FDChief said...

basil: Yep. We're just fuckin' hot, all of us. Be jealous.

sheerah: You're seeing it; this is the poetical, literary me. I'm also available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Lisa: Well...let's say that I know my way around some of the rougher bits of poetry and have been known to coo over sunsets, babies, and the perfect convex arch of a woman's calf. So, maybe a bit.

Which reminds me of something I wanted to post.