Friday, May 13, 2011


It seems like a long 48 hours, but Blogger seems to have chased down and beaten to death whatever was breaking it.I won't try and pretend I had something brilliant and couldn't post it, but it was fiercely annoying to know that if I had I couldn't. Minor irritation, but still, irking to find how much time I spend fiddling with the thing.

Back to regular bloggage in a bit.


basilbeast said...

Just thought you might have some interest in this. :) There is some military apps, in there, too.

FDChief said...

basil: I've glanced at it, yes. The American Entomologist has a good little article here: on the effects of insect-borne diseases on the Napoleonic campaigns in the Middle East, Russia, and the Caribbean. Interesting subject.

We forget, in our nicely cleaned-up Western Industrial world, that disease killed millions more than war well into the 20th Century. Still does, in most places.