Friday, September 02, 2011

Nouvelle Cuisine

I think I've mentioned that we're terrible holiday makers here at the Fire Direction Center, and we're pretty bad at being adorable-ex-Chinese-orphan-adoptive parents, too.See, the thing is, we're supposed to be all turning-Chinese when the traditional Chinese holidays come around; giving red-envelope money and blasting fireworks for the lunar New Year and doing moon-viewing and moon-cake eating for the "Mid-Autumn Festival", a.k.a. Moon Festival. It's a total Portland China-adoptive-parent thing and one reason our pictures are on the cover of the Portland FCC's "Busted" magazine as the Worst AP's Evah.

But here's the problem.

We all HATE fucking moon cakes.

Seriously; the greediest of us (Missy) thinks they taste like raw noodle dough. The Peep wouldn't at them if they were the only food in the house and he was starving, and neither Mojo or I really enjoy them, finding the flavor a combination of bland and slightly cloying and the texture pasty and unpleasant.


We've decided that our nouvelle Moon Festival cuisine would substitute Moon PIES for mooncakes.Since we concluded that if the ancient Chinese had had access to Moon Pies, they would have been on them like Republicans on a Second Amendment bumper-sticker.

Lotus seed paste and salted duck eggs versus graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate?

Are you kidding? Mmmmm...moon pies!(h/t to Ambassador Doodle for the funny post and the mooncake/moon pie graphic)


basilbeast said...

"republicans on a 2nd amendment bumper sticker"

Good Line! :D

bye the bye, you still read driftie? I may be thinking of someone else. one of the last few major lefty bloggers still hanging on to Obama, and now he's written his farewell song.

Lisa said...

Moon cakes ARE terrible?

(Was "evah" supposed to be a hotlink?)

FDChief said...

Dunno, basil, driftglass has been hammering on Obama's centerist/cravenist outlook for a long time now.

Bottom line for most of us is that our choices have come down to the moderate Republican and the utterly bugfuck crazy goldbug-and-creationism Republicans.

Lisa: Yep, sorry. Try and think of something cloying and bland at the same time, and with the consistency of a raw doughball.

You get the idea.

And, no, it was just underlined for emphasis. For some goofy reason this template doesn't do a good job of highlighting links. All they do is appear in slightly darker yellow text. No underlines or anything.

Pluto said...

The picture shows Missy is growing up fast. You okay with that? (as if you have a choice)

Lisa said...

Sorry ... I meant an exclamation point! I agree -- utterly bland!!!

(Punctuation is so important.)

Yes, Pluto -- I'd noticed she looked more mature. She's suite pretty.

FDChief said...

Sorry, not the Little Miss; just a stock photo. I'll post some fam pics next...

Lisa said...


Oh, I knew that :)

I meant the pix of Missy in your 8/23/11 post. I don't know if it is that her glasses are off, or her hair longer, but she has a decidedly more "grown-up" look to her in that pix.

Barry said...

Why not donuts?

(from somebody who hated moon pies when he was still a kid)

Pluto said...

Yes, of course, obviously that isn't Missy now that you mention it. Lack of glasses and pierced ears for starters.

Reading ahead a little bit, it is hard to believe that Miss is already old enough for Kindergarten.

The years do fly by...

Lisa said...

Missy had not accidentally become occidental :)

She looks very happy in her new school post, but it is the 8.23 pose in which she seems a bit more ... grown up, to me.