Friday, October 21, 2011

Cat-faced Eagle

Jim Fallows posted this, with the comment
"...owls are cats that happen to have wings. And thanks to various Chinese friends for the reminder that the Chinese word for owl, maotouying, is written 猫头鹰. Which character-by-character is "cat head eagle," or more vividly "cat-faced eagle." Long before slo-mo they got the point.

And that it's a good thing they are not much bigger than their real size."
Ummm. Yep. That'd make the whole "you humans REALLY need to get up earlier and put the fucking cat food in the fucking bowl" issue a lot more fraught.

Anyway, it's a cool video.


Lisa said...

That is a wonderful vid. I have always revered owls. They are so patient and clever, powerful and curious.

I have enjoyed making owl calls, and having them fly tree-to-tree, ever closer, until they can have a look at me. Of course, I'm not sure whether they're sizing me up for a meal portion or comradeship.

FDChief said...

We used to have a Great Horned Owl that would nest in one of the ginormous elms in our backyard in Chicago. My sister and I would examine the pinecone-sized expectora she would litter about the base of the tree and try and figure out what sorts of little rodents she'd been snacking on.

They're very bright and rewarding animals.