Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Plus ça change,

I doodled this little thing in a spectacularly tedious class on "leadership ethics" during Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC) at Ft. Sherman, Panama sometime in December, 1986...and this one yesterday - what, 26 years later? - in the first day of my 40hr HAZWOPER class in Hillsboro, Oregon, 2012Sometimes not only does the damn plus c'est la même chose leopard not change his spots but the damn spots don't change, either.

Hmmm. Well, not entirely.

I do note that while as a broth of a lad of twenty-nine I appear to have been obsessed with women and have spent most of my time doodling about them twenty-something years later the places my head goes when it's desperately looking for a way out of the room are somewhat less venereal and more...interesting. Although I still do seem to like to draw women.

I find it interesting that the one repeated image - although not from the PLDC doodle I posted above, is the mermaid riding the torpedo. Here she is, from "Raiders of the Lost Parts"......and here she is on the wall of what is now Missy's bedroom (she got up on the old drywall as we were demoing the old backhall closet room, and you can read aaaaall about it here although she seems somewhat Asian in this one).For some reason she seems to be an image I enjoy drawing.

There are truly some strange things that get lodged in the human cerebrum.

But I suspect that there are more doodles to come. I have three more days of this HAZWOPER stuff this week. Eeegah.


Leon said...

Damnit Chief, you could have been a cartoonist.

Lisa said...

You are a talented and whimsical artist. Your imagery suggest you are not tethered to the ground, though how interesting that you work with the earth! Your id is powerful, yet you are in control.

As a Libra, you of course love beauty. (I have a Libra moon, so we share that aspect, not that I know all that much of astrology.)