Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hard Drive Housekeeping

Mojo is feeling poorly and has taken to her bed clutching her vinagrette, the Boy with his PS2 is being a mighty slayer of pixels, and the Girl is waiting impatiently to go to our little rock and gem shop to purchase some agates.

I am trying to do some light housekeeping, cook breakfast for everyone, and do a little gentle browsing.

Among with my other tidying I've been tidying my image files and ran across some odds and sods I saved just...well, just because I liked them. Thought you might, too.

I just liked the contrast of lights and darks, and the composition of the image:OK, this one was just strange. Not even erotic, unless your eros revolves around circus contortionists.Like they used to say about Nike: it's gotta be the shoes.

This was just for the prettiness:and nothing more.

I wonder how they find these pictures?Mind you, I suppose that if I had a camera and the opportunity to point it at some shapely woman's backside, I'd probably do it. Yes, yes, I know. I'm scum. It's true. Sigh.

A friend took this little snapshot of a chickadee getting a last bit of evening suet.Just liked the colors, particularly.

This was just...odd.Although did you know that there's a whole sub-genre of porn involving cooking and eating women? Google "Dolcett cartoon" sometime. It's beyond weird. But I will never underestimate the kinks that lodge in the folds of the human cerebrum.

One of my favorite characters is Sun Wukung, the Monkey King; here he is, from one of the talented illustrators at deviantart.Tough guy, huh?

It must be hard to sit in a hole underground with multiple megatons of nuclear devastation. It must help to have a sense of humor about it:An empty silo, one mushroom-shaped cloud, and it's Miller Time.

Just for the pretty:Now THAT's a speeding ticket:And speaking of pretty:Another in the wonderful series of images produced by Brent Diskins as part of "Diskin's Timbers Propaganda". Rose City 'Til I Die!In case you don't get this, the point is that she's wearing her PT uniform; she's supposed to be exercising, not gutsing pogie bait:One more funny:And one more just for the pretty:Looking this stuff over, I have to accept that I have a very pack-ratty sort of mind. I have no idea what binds these together, other than my peculiar tastes in pictures.

Oh, well; off to find some agates. Hope you're having a peaceful and pleasant Saturday.


Leon said...

Oh Chief, Chief, Chief. Rule 34. Anything and everything has some porn for it.

No exceptions.

Those who look for exceptions are usually found days later drooling and insane.

FDChief said...

Looking at this one from the "outside", so to speak, I notice how many scantily-dressed women I included.


What can I say? I like women; they're pretty.

Except the CFM shoes woman and the turkey-basting woman. That stuff was still freaky, and my appreciation of the images was for the pure freakishness.

I am obviously drawn to the noble, nude, antique, and bizarre. So much for the rational mind.

Lisa said...

You like birds, and the other birds, nature and the good fight. You are a lover of beauty, as befits a Libra, no? You are also chivalric.

rangeragainstwar said...

The womenz with the ice cream bars have 1500$ worth of sights on their 1500$ rifles which they'll never fire in hostile situations.
This pic sums it up.
Look at the chow line to the rear of the women.
Life is hard on the llano.

FDChief said...

Lisa: Ta; I certainly try. Your example certainly helps keep me on the straight and narrow.

jim: Isn't that one great? I'd love to know what the deal with that one was.

Lisa said...

Very kind :)

basilbeast said...

I like the first and last, Alpha kai Omega.

The last looks otherworldly, like Mars.

segue . . . .

I saw John Carter last weekend, seen it yet?