Monday, May 07, 2012


...years ago my bride and I got our first mutual look at this little guy.
He came into the world with a shout and a pair of bright red testicles - which I am not ashamed to mention, since he takes great pride in that fact - and has proceeded to make a commotion and exhibit a periodic case of the red ass ever since.

We love the hell out of him when we're not aching to choke the life out of the little bugger. But sunshine or shadow, he is our mutual past, our present, and our direct link to the future.

Happy Birthday, son; you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. I hope we have many more, and always find ourselves wishing for another.


BigFred said...

Mine is 11 Today Chief, and son #1 is in two weeks. Congrats.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Peeper!

basilbeast said...

felicem tibi
natalem diem
felicem, care Peeper,
natalem diem!

et multas plus!