Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Have I mentioned lately what a cruel game soccer is?

Okay, okay, sorry.

But have I mentioned lately what an odd game soccer is?

Where else would you see the American actor Tom Hanks, British heavy-metal bass player Terence "Geezer" Butler, and two dozen guys from everywhere around the world on the same patch of greensward?
But all in all a fun and funny evening yesterday; just a meaningless "friendly", but enjoyed seeing the young players - with any luck a bright future for the Portland Timbers - having a bit of a kickabout with a visiting side, and spending time with my friends in the stands without needing to stress about scores or shout at whichever of our players is jakin' it to quit farkling about.
Seeing the streets of Portland awash with thick eddies of Aston Villa's claret-and-sky-blue; who knew there were so many closeted Villa supporters here? Not me.
Trying desperately to sing the Army Reserve into unison. I take the skills of our capos - the song and chant leaders - for granted. Until they're not there. We sounded...ummm...random might be the best way to put it.
Watching the little guys enjoying soccer their own way - whether it was FIFA 12 on the i-phone...or the match on the pitch;
Because there's a party in Portland; no one's sleeping tonight!


Big Daddy said...

It was lot quieter there Monday afternoon when I took the Missus to the sports medicine clinic after she torqued her knee in a bike crash. OTOH it explains all the Timbers jerseys on the MAX last night.

FDChief said...

She and Mark Cavendish! Hope she's OK!