Sunday, September 22, 2013


We had a busy day yesterday.

First we started off around the corner. There's one of those "little lending library" kiosks on Princeton, one street over, and I went to drop off a bunch of books there. I also found a book that looked perfect for Little Miss, so I traded 10-for-1 and off we went to the Transfer Station. The Boy came along to "help" but was soon immersed in the Tooth Fairy book and between the dump, buying new work boots for me, a stop at Powell's Books to snap up Bob Massie's Castles of Steel, and the trip to the Nickel Arcade the Boy finished the whole thing:

Thing is, on the way to the arcade we passed the big empty lot at 11th and Belmont and saw that the MiniGoats were open for business.

These little guys are the living lawnmowers for this lot and recently the goatherd has been opening the lot as a sort of petting zoo for the little munchers.

They're amazingly socialized for farm animals and they seem to love the attention. This little guy desperately needed a skritch between the horns.

The unquestioned stars of the goat show were the two little baby goats. I won't kid you; I wish to hell I'd have known about the whole "adorable baby goats = total chick magnet" thing when I was young and single.

Did you know that even tiny baby goats have little horn nubbins? They do.

I was shocked that the Boy - who normally loves all things furry and non-human - didn't come out to pet the goats. Go figure. But they were ridiculously adorable and I was saddened to read while I was researching this post the apparently the woman who runs the whole Goat Rental thing is a complete skeevebag. Still, that didn't make the minigoats any less adorable. Bye, adorable little MiniGoats!

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