Thursday, February 06, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

We have had the first real snowfall of the year. Yes, its pathetic compared to the avalanche of snow that has buried the Midwest and East coast. But, for Portland, this is a natural disaster;

The children are heartsick that Portland Public Schools has already called off classes for tomorrow.

You'll note, however, the Boy's costume includes nothing but shorts and knee socks. Pants? Yeah, right.

The Girl, child of the sunny south of China that she is, claims that she "is never cold".

Where-ever the recent snowfall rates on the overall scale of winter adventures, for Portland this is a Big One. We're effectively snowed in and reduced to eating lasagna and watching bad cartoons and the post-Soviet Olympics on the television.


Ael said...

Harsh times indeed.

Lisa said...

While snow does provide a nice white-washed effect, I cannot stand being cold and bunkered up, even though the cold climate is surely my genetic heritage. I would get cabin fever, and feel depressed from lack of light.

Living in a typical old Florida abode, I am always chilly in the winter, and feel great relief when the days warm. It is my own, mild "Little House on the Prairie chastening, and mostly I take it stoically, mostly. It does not compare with your environment; 50's during the day, 30's at night. Sometimes I will imagine living in a colonial S. A. city, and I will feel better at the visualization.

I don't like having to live under layers ... I prefer diaphanous clothing. I find this impulse to uncovering carries through my life in various manifestations.

Sorry it's so bitter now. I'll take exception with T.S. Eliot and say that February is the cruelest month.

Anonymous said...

A couple inches of snow is a Snowpocalypse?

Rick vB