Tuesday, October 28, 2014


By chance came across some of the late Seventies-early Eighties work of Wallace Tripp:

I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy his work. The man had a taste for puns, but given his linework I'm inclined to forgive him; he also had a brilliant visual wit and a gift for drafting that was at the same time clean and complex. Here's a perfect example: Primavera 1942:

Classic Tripp; the sight gag using the Bottichelli painting as the model, the painstaking attention to detail in the setting and poses coupled with Forties fashions, anthropomorphic animals, and goofy Easter eggs, like Venus in the background or Dugout-Doug-the-fieldmouse in the little jeep down in the lower right.

Sadly, Tripp's work is long out of print, and from his website I suspect that there is no promise of seeing any of his work again except as a curiousity. In the meantime, here's a nice selection of his material from the blog My Delineated Life.

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Lisa said...

Lovely work, and thanks for his website.

In Primavera, I love the fox in the toga. It's always spring somewhere.