Wednesday, August 05, 2015


War is all hell, yes.

But sometimes, there is a kitty.


Anonymous said...

FD Chief,
I found your blog in searching for an image of the Ancon Inn. I was in Panama 83-86. Have written several short "war stories" about Panama. Would like to send you one - but I don't know how to email you. JWC

FDChief said...

You can shoot me an email at jlawes(at) Always gratified to hear from another Bayonet Brigade trooper...

Ael said...

Some internet cat analysis for you, Chief.

Sue said...

See what happened when those Nazis got all soft and non-Spartan? They started being nice to kittens and lost the war.

Dane900 said...

A vicious genocidal maniac riding with a Nazi. Zing!

Ael said...


Please forgive the off topic post.

Have you looked much at the Job Guarantee?

It has some intriguing aspects but lots of thought would have to go into implementation.
The lecture by Dr. Tcherneva in the beginning is worth watching, later on the ratio of information gained versus time spent goes down.

A primer

Some political discussion.