Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Jukebox: Transgender Toilet Trauma Edition

Soundtrack for today's post:

(from Suzanne Vega's brilliant "99.9F" album...)

So I'm a little baffled. I haven't paid enough attention to the usual wingnut suspects to "get" their argument for spending time and money worrying about the junk of who's using the public bogs. Part of this is the whole nutroll of how it seems like "conservative" politics seems to have been boiled down, like last week's roast chicken carcass, to a hot, steaming mess of Lurvin' Jesus, Lickin' Guns, and Hatin' Faggots.

So I'm not sure whether these jokers have the screaming fantods about a guy in a dress using the ladies' room, or a gal in Carhartts sitting down in the guy's stall because it's a potty thing or just simple, straight-up hatin' on people who aren't conventionally gendered.

Thing is...who worries about this?

When I hit the head at, say, Civic Stadium during a Timbers match I'm a LOT more concerned that the drunk guy next to me at the trough is gonna miss the target and wet my shoes down...or that the guy in front of me in the stall line had spicy Chicken Vindaloo for lunch.

What the possibly-not-born-a-dude in the next stall is sitting on? NOT on my radar.

And, seriously, WTF? How is that a "problem"?


I kinda get it if this is really just about politics and rilin' up The Base. Show a red-blooded Republican a picture of a homo and watch him or her get spun up like the little girl in The Exorcist when the priest shows up. They can't help it, so I can kinda see how a GOP "strategist" might think that hammering on the predatory homos in the public pissers might work as a "get-out-the-vote" kind of thing.

But...still. It seems to me like the whole "scary-crossdressing-homos-are-lurking-in-your-potty" meme as a fearmongering tactic is some pretty weak and oddball stuff to try and get votes on. Like I said; who seriously worries about that shit? You'd have to spend a lot of time on alt/transgender/toiletrape to even believe that was a thing.

That, or be stupider than a fucking bag of hammers.

Because as an electoral lie/tactic? Seems to rely on waaayyyyy too much on your targets being hooked on transgender toilet rape porn AND dumber than a fucking bag of hammers.


Maybe not.


Ael said...

Well, it is a fairly bog standard "demonize the other" tactic.

Although, as demonic others go, you are correct: It is real weak sauce.

That gives me a smile to start the weekend.

FDChief said...

I mean...when you try and picture it, it's just ridiculous; big hunky Real Amurrican gets ambushed in the Boy's Room by a terrifying...Cambodian ladyboy in a cocktail frock.

And this, this, is your deepest fear?


Jeff Staley said...

"Cambodian ladyboy in a cocktail frock"

Coffee on keyboard and woke up the house.

Awesome. I'm gonna steal that.

Must have been fun in your Gun Section.

As for the politics, you are on target.

Ael said...

Although, to be fair, you do *not* want to mess with those East Asian ladymen.

I saw the aftermath of a group of drunk american sailors trying to take on one at a cheap dive in Singapore. Seems the sailors did not realize that they band together for mutual defence and underneath those frills they have the musculature of young males. Furthermore, they are not particularly inhibited in their fighting style.

Almost Drafted said...

I've been wondering what happens when some newly-minted transgender male stomps into the ladies room at a Golden Corral in Greensboro and asks where they put the condom dispenser. Sure, he'll have his birth certificate for legal protection, but I expect the screaming ladies, exiting at high speed, will give their hubbies an earful about the wisdom of this law. And then I guess we'll see who wears the pants in those particular families.


FDChief said...

Or what's UNDER those pants...I mean, SOMEbody has to be The Beard...