Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Release SFC Kraken!

A friend of mine sent me a comment with the attached image that...well, it completely brought out the Army sergeant in me. And the more I think about it, the more it's so...well, so completely "me" that I had to post it.
So. Here it is:

"I'm not saying that these things can't be done. I'm saying that when Sanders says "we can't afford to stop fighting"...arrgh!

To give you an example; I got a call from the Oregon for Bernie Sanders 2016 people last week. The nice girl was asking me to come to some sort of "Rock Against the TPP" concert.

How did this do anything to stop the TPP, given that Congress isn't going to vote on it this year and the process is currently idle, but that Oregon's delegation (outside that rat bastard Walden) is already pledged to vote against it. Well, ummm, yeah, it won't, really. OK, says I, then how do we DO something to stop the fucking TPP? Ummm...I'm not sure, says the nice girl, but the Sanders meeting is Tuesday and I'll be sure to ask. OK, you do that, and here's my e-mail; you send me a quick note and tell me what they told you.

So far? Nothing.

That's my frustration. So far there's been no effort to unseat the bastard Walden and turn Oregon all blue. No efforts to secure the defenstration of the GOP in Salem. No efforts to galvanize the fucking rednecks in Clackamas County or propagandize the hicks in Gold Beach that they need to understand that public health care and a decent minimum wage and a return to the 90% top bracket will make the safer than another fucking AR-15. There's been NO LOCAL EFFORTS at all.

STOP fighting? When do we fucking stop TALKING and START fighting?

Tell ya what.

I'm gonna go to the next goddamn Sanders Tuesday night meeting and I swear to fucking God; Imma bring a piece of dimension lumber and wall-to-wall counsel those pie-in-the-sky fuckers about how you go in and win a goddamn knife fight.

I'll give you a hint: it ain't about going to a goddamn concert."


Sometimes the sergeant in me comes out at very inopportune times...


Ael said...

Give them hell, Chief!

However, don't forget that your inner sergeant is a product of finely tuned organizational technology. Most people have never served under leaders as good as your typical platoon sergeant. This can be intimidating.

Fortunately, people love competent leaders. Point em in the correct direction and keep on top of things by wandering around and asking questions.

Combine that with your demonstrated ability to write coherent sentences and you could go far in politics!

Paul Harris said...

I told my ex-wife that I wasn't interested in protesting anything (no matter how noble the cause) if my fellow protesters included bucket drummers or giant puppets. I'm up for any effective action but can't waste my time for ego-stroking disguised as activism. I'm old enough to have been anti-Viet Nam war & anti-Nixon, and things back then got hairy sometimes, but street theater is pointless.

That said, best of luck.

Barry said...

FDChief, may I post a link for aid to Louisiana here?

Everybody - please donate and forward this!