Friday, October 28, 2016

The Law in its Impartial Majesty

Way back in January of this year I wrote:

"I can think of no better response, no better description of the response that is needed and should be applied to the treasonous bastards than those of the man who flayed the last rebellious treason in this country:
"My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom."
I had a blissful moment imagining a modern Bill Sherman staring at the gaggle of dirty, hangdog prisoners standing under guard as the old stone building burns behind them, removing the cigar from his mouth to spit;

"Shoot them, major? Shoot them? I think not."

He would pause for a moment before jerking the stogie towards the big trees standing nearby, and growling;

"Rebels taken in arms aren't honorably shot. Rebels, major, are hung like the criminals they are."

"See to it."

It was a good idea at the time that looks even better now.

And I also said at the time:

"I will make two predictions now, and remember them;

These people will pay no price for their treason, and

We, the rest of us, will rue that we did not crush this seditious villainy when it was but small and could be crushed.

The law should have been pressed on the Bundys and was not. The law will not be brought to bear on these swine. Instead they will walk away, boasting, and the poison they bear will spread."

And so it will.
Sometimes I hate it when I'm fucking right.


Ael said...

I simply do not understand America.

FDChief said...

I think what happened is that the prosecution got cocky and went for a tougher charge to stick; "conspiracy" that involved using firearms to commit a crime, the crime being interfering with the federal officers of Malheur NWR. Problem is that the Malheur people were gone when these jokers showed up and the US Fish and Wildlife Service never seriously tried to force their way back in. So the Moron Mulisha could claim that 1) they were just "protesting" and 2) their "protest" didn't actually "interfere" with the feds.

Plus it sounds like the prosecutor was kind of a dick and acted like the case was a slam dunk.

So this is pretty clearly a case of prosecutorial incompetence. But...the idiot jurors are now whining that "Oh, dear, we didn't intend to endorse this act of armed sedition..!"

And you thought that these morons would understand that, dope?

Christ, what an asshole.

Big Daddy said...

According to one of the criminal defense blogs I follow the jury verdict to acquit on conspiracy was actually good law since the prosecution clearly failed to prove the conspiracy charge beyond a reasonable doubt and used an appeal to "common sense" as a basis for conviction. Interestingly he thinks a straightforward 18 USC 111 impeding an official charge for actually committing the crime could have stuck, where the conspiracy to do it failed. Plus the prosecutor double failed for not including a plain old criminal trespass charge.
This still doesn't excuse the jurors' whining about anything other than the prosecution not giving them something worthy of a guilty verdict.