Friday, July 14, 2017

¡Fuera de acá, todos!

The Washington Post reports a rather disturbing meeting between the director of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:
"Trump, Sessions and Kelly want to take 800,000 DREAMers with DACA and hundreds of thousands with TPS who are registered with the government and in compliance with the law and make them into criminals, felons, and deportees in the next few months."
We've been over this before and you know my position. But here's another thing to think about;

How, physically, do you DO all this?

I mean...almost a million people? Rounded up, "processed", shoved on planes and buses and dumped in airports and border towns across Latin America and, presumably, the world?

The sheer number of military/"law enforcement" bodies alone you'd need to do all this are just staggering. This is the sort of thing that changes entire organizations. Hell, it would change the entire country.

And...what do those bodies do once all these scary, dangerous "aliens" are gone?

Think about that for a moment.

So not only will the "...promised Day of Alien-Free Jubilee turn out to be a quiet monotone of unpicked crops, uncleaned hotel rooms, unwiped asses, and uncooked meals..." it will also include tens of thousands of armed paramilitary troopers with time and weapons on their hands and nothing else to do.


I wonder how THAT could go wrong..?


Labrys said...

You know, there are some pretty nasty unhealthy precedents out there for rounding up people.

I've been reminded by a delicious non-fiction reading experience of late, in the book "The Silk Roads". It does not limit itself to the literal silk roads; it re-examines history in terms of historical trade routes and commodities exchange over several centuries.

Anonymous said...

Well gee whiz, it's not like there's no precedent.


TheHiddenThimble said...

Interesting indeed. It's one of those issues where there never seems to be a right way to solve the problem. In Australia the fear politicians often try to strike in the hearts of Aussies are the "boat people". 'Be scared of the boat people illegally crossing Australia borders by boat, undetected and stealing all our jobs.' In actual fact most end up dying on sea while fleeing their war-torn countries and, if they do make it to Australian shores, they are often caught anyways.

We also have detention centres which fail miserably, whereby immigrants live in the most appalling of standards, as they wait to be illegally accepted into Australia...I guess it's similar to rounding up all the immigrants into one place, except instead of sending them back to their countries we keep them in a type of "prison"

The Hidden Thimble