Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Acting 1SG Lawes reads the morning formation announcements.

Attention! At ease. Okay, listen up. Coupla things here.


All this horseshit about how kneeling during the playing of "To Anacreon in Heaven" is somehow spitting on the graves of soldiers?

Get over it. There hasn't been a single fucking American soldier who served, fought, was wounded, or died for "freedom" since 1953 (and that was the freedom of the people of the Republic of Korea, people, know your fucking history).

There are a handful of living veterans of Korea and WW2 who might qualify and you're welcome to ask them THEIR opinions, but all the rest of us fought for "national interests"; we helped secure a tank of gas, or navigation through the Panama Canal, or for diddly-shit Great Power games in the Middle East.

The U.S. of 2017 uses armed force like any Great Power, people.

This isn't 1776.

Grow the fuck up.

Second. I've seen fellow GIs get all whip out their DD214 on people who haven't served to beat them over the head with the "right" to be all pissy about people protesting the fact that coppers are WAY more likely to kill your ass if you're not White Like Me.

That's a dick move, brothers.

Those despised "civilians"? They're OUR FUCKING BOSSES.

If they want to protest, or shout at us, or dance naked in the streets...our job, our ONLY fucking job, is to salute and move out smartly. THEY are the true "guardians of liberty", not us. We're here to keep the outside out. THEY are there to make the "inside" truly free, truly just, true to the promise of "liberty and justice for all"...or not. It's up to them, and not us to lecture or hector them about what they do or how they do it.

S&T Platoon. Imma see your ass in the motor pool after this formation and we're gonna talk about your fucking Conex.

That is all.

Platoon sergeants, take charge.


Labrys said...

I tell you, the idiocy is beyond burning these days -- it begins to resemble plasma fires. I comfort myself with playing with dolls, and I mean that in the best possible voodoo connotation.

FDChief said...

I don't expect much from people (and am seldom disappointed) so I'm neither shocked nor surprised that there are GIs who appear to have no clue as to the content of the document they swore to uphold and defend.

However, this ostentatious brass-polishing to intimidate citizens without a service record is new to me. It's revolting. I'm sickened enough by the "support the troops/thank you for your service" tongue bathing. But I'd hoped that my fellow GIs, at least, would see through that as the credulous ignorance it is. Instead it appears that a bunch of us are starting to believe our own press releases.

What a fuckstory...

BigFred said...

Chief, you and I are on different ends of the spectrum usually but you nailed this.

mike said...

Trumpy was ranting about flogging those that were as he said "dissing the flag" on the anniversary of the day it was abolished in the Navy by Congress on 28 September 1850.

Navy officers stretched the envelope looking for other methods of discipline: "tattooing, branding, wearing signs of disgrace, confinement in sweatboxes, lashing with thumbs behind the back, tricing up by the wrists, continuous dousing with sea water, straight jackets, and confinement in irons on bread and water" Three days on bread and water was still in use at Captain's Mast in the 1960s. It may still be in use???

Hope you were not using any of the above on those loafers in the S&T Platoon.

FDChief said...

As one of the most beloved platoon sergeants once told his troopers as they waxed and re-waxed the billet floors during IG Prep:

"You people WILL take off your fuckin' footgear when you enter my fuckin' barracks. Any toolhead that fucks up my floor I will personally fuck him up in reciprocity."

Cussing is an art form and, like any art, must be curated and practiced by those that love it.

mike said...

Someone shoulda fucked up that Vegas toolhead. That act was a colossal dissing of the flag, Trump size. And yet all Missy Trumpina can say is "act of pure evil" and "warmest condolences".

Where is that infamous Trump rage now? He was angrier at Kap and Steph Curry and a certain Puertorriqueña Alcalde. 35 freaking guns! 17 in his hotel room and 18 more at his home. Full auto! Labrys' comment above is right, but even "plasma fire" may be an understatement.

mike said...

42 and counting!

Anonymous said...

Things are truly fucked up in this House of Terror when late-night comedy hosts turn into advocates of sanity





mike said...

Make that 47!

And yet some pols think that is normal and completely OK. Go figure.

mike said...