Sunday, December 24, 2017

White Christmas!

For the second time in three years we had snow on Christmas Eve. It says something about how old the kiddos are that they were stolidly unthrilled about that.
The other family member who was less than excited was Drachma the Merkitty, who seemed to take the whole snow business as a personal insult.
The day before Missy and I went for tea at the Lan Su Chinese garden downtown. I seldom visit the garden in the winter; I should. It was serene, an enclosure of stillness within the cold, busy city around us. The garden teahouse was a retreat from the noisy holiday season, as well, the only turmoil the steam rising from the dark oolong in the stoneware cup.
For Christmas Eve dinner I made a huge cauldron of the Hungarian mushroom soup that was once a gift to the city from the funky Old Wives' Tales restaurant. It's rich and thick, full of sour cream and dill and paprika, the perfect winter soup to go with a crusty bread and dark beer; my brew of choice was a Deschutes Brewing stout called The Abyss. It hit like a barleywine and was ideal for some Christmas cheering.
I hope you are with your beloveds tonight. Certainly the history of faiths, like that of nations, suggests that the old grinning ape within all of us can and will use them for our own malicious ends. But beyond those histories faith, like the best hopes of nations, promise a better world than the one we have created. The promise of tomorrow is the promise of the birth of Hope, the promise of a peace that passeth all understanding. That we cannot seem to find a place in our hearts for that peace is the fault of our hearts, not of that promise.

So I wish all of you hope on this cold, silent night. Hope for love, and peace, and happiness, for you and yours.


May all good fellows that here agree
Drink Audit Ale in heaven with me.
And may all my enemies go to hell!
Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!
May all my enemies go to hell!
Noel! Noel!

~ Hilaire Belloc


Ael said...

Merry Christmas Chief!

FDChief said...

And to you and yours, my friend.

Leon said...

Well 2017 is nearly over and what a dumpster fire of a year it's been. My mom died this year and you've been saddled with Trump.

We've had the first white Christmas in maybe a decade. A young me would be thrilled, old me is grumbling about how long before all the sidewalks get shoveled.

Merry Christmas Chief!

FDChief said...

Thanks, Leon! And to you and all about you a blissful holiday

mike said...

Good review FDC. I am not a SW fan but am now tempted. What magic words can I say to entice the bride into going to see it with me?

Barry said...

Merry Christmas,and let's hope and work for a better 2018.

Brian Train said...

We had a white Christmas up on Vancouver Island, the first in many years. Didn't stick though and today this is the warmest spot in a very cold Canada.

Happymerry jollyberry to you and yours, Chief.

FDChief said...

Thanks, Barry! Yes, let's do that.

FDChief said...

Thanks, Brian! We did enjoy it while it lasted...but it didn't last long in Portland, either.

novita liu said...

Galau? Bosan ?
Yuk dari pada gak ngapa2in, boleh Untuk Mencoba Keberuntungannya disini..