Tuesday, April 10, 2018


I looked at the "popular post" settings and saw that some obscure posts from several years ago were suddenly up in the "ten most popular", so I went to check them.


Everything from Chinese bots pushing Viagra to who-the-hell-knows Russian bots pushing...something SO Russian (probably fucking Trump...).

So I've set up a comment ID and moderation setting. I apologize for that, but, sheesh...Chinese Viagra? Seriously?

Sorry if it inconveniences anyone. But, goddamn.

Chinese Viagra?

I have lived to goddamn long.


Ael said...

Testing, one two three, is this thing on?

Hey, older Chinese men also have needs too.

Leon said...

Is fine Chiefski, am not glorious Russian bot. By the by, would you happen to want Chinese viagraski?

basilbeast said...

In this skewed world these give some sense of purpose. I do wonder though, in the Terminators' world of SkyNet, did the machine enemy have to deal with the same irritation?
"SARAH CONNOR! Did you know you could make 10K per month . . . ."


Stormcrow said...

I guess I missed these.

Glad you're moderating them, though. There are nastier things pushed through blog comment pages than Chinese Viagra. Things like malicious mobile code.