Friday, April 20, 2007

Le Sacker du Print 'Em

Pretty, hunh?


Went out into the unaccustomed sunshine this morning and there were our dogwood and cherry trees in wild abandon, blooming like they had no idea that all the other flowering trees were SO over the whole blossom thing.

Portland doesn't have many days like this, but when we do they sure are fun.

So from the street the Little House sure looks nice. I wish we could look this pretty all year, but in late fall things can get grim. We need to get some cool hardscaping. We've got a contractor coming this Saturday. Maybe he'll like out ideas. Hope so. I'm getting too old and fat to keep kicking contractor's asses.

We've been busy doing all sorts of home improvement stuff, too, in sort-of recognition of the season. This one is my favorite. We call it "The Door to Nowhere". The old exterior cellar door which has been sitting in the basement since before we owned the place gets a cleaning and becomes the new clothing rack in the bathroom. Note the lovely heated towel rack to the left, a Portland winter must. Mildew on the towels - such a faux pas!

Stinky, too.

Must dash - Portland Pilots women vs. Canada this evening. Ah, Christine Sinclair; you woman, you titan, you goddess! I fall down and worship the water that fills your cleat marks...


walternatives said...

Your house looks lovely. And the clothes rack rocks. Great idea.

Kelli said...

Nice Cherry Tree!! Ooh I just love this time of year in Portland!!! Clever trick with the door too... (and When is the St Johns parade? May?)

Anonymous said...

That looks pretty. I want to get out and clean!