Monday, August 27, 2007


The drama of the "171-H Saga" isn't's just on hold. We'll know more Wednesday. Until then, I wanted to take a break from all things adoption and talk about the OTHER big news Monday: the resignation of Attorney General Gonzales.The thing is, I like to think I'm a pretty politically savvy guy. And when I look over this whole Gonzo deal I'm not sure I get it. Why him? Why now?

I mean, like the tiny handful of you that watch CSPAN I also watched the guy wriggle and deny and "forget" and flat-out lie his ass off in front of Congress this summer to the point where if it'd been an episode of "T.J. Hooker" Bill Shatner and Adrian Zmed would have hauled his ass out behind the LCPD holding tank for a little wall-to-wall counseling. And what happened?

Nothing. Zero, zip, nada. The guy skated. Like everybody else I figured that was that, he'd walked. The Dems were gonna have to find some other Bushie stooge to torment. As far as I can tell the whole tempest had died down to a teapot, and a pretty tepid one at that. And now this.

WTF? Makes no sense to me.
If we were in another time, and our Chief Executive was a different man, I'd say that it was time for a Big Change. Maybe one of his aides could put it to Dubya (who, I understand, fancies himself something of a Baseball Guy) as his "Kenesaw Mountain Landis" moment.
Time to acknowledge that the gamblers have gotten all over the Inside, that the whole system is worm-eaten rotten and what is needed is a gimlet-eyed hardcase to restore the public trust. Finding himself a Babe Ruth would help, too. But the point is it's NOT a different time, and Dubya isn't going to send some straight-shooter to replace Gonzo. He'll nominate another Ranger or Pioneer whose primary loyalty is to the Decider. And to hell with the nation.

To me , the saddest thing about the whole Abu Gonzales story is the sheer pointless stupidity of the man's entire tenure. Had he spent more time doing the job the Constitution directed him to do and less time trying to find ways for Dubya to skate around the parts that he didn't want to obey...

One of my fellow commentors at Intel Dump observed that Gonzo's syncophantic approach to his job "hurt his client, George W. Bush, who needed wise counsel more than he needed another cheerleader at the time..." The problem with this notion being, I would opine, that his client has one of the most irritating and self-destructive traits in a client, which is that he doesn't want wise counsel if it contradicts what he desires and believes, won't listen to it when he receives it and will ostracize and eventually fire counsel who continues to provide him with such advice.
I have long accepted that these guys have the anti-Midas it the "Michael Bay Touch", in that everything they set their hands to goes to shit. But even for this inept crew it passes disbelief that they'd try this now if their idea was to huck out the deadwood before bombing Iran. That would be some level of stupid beyond moronically'd be weapons-grade stupid. I'm not sure that they're capable of such a sustained level of stupid.
So I still don't get it. This entire mess makes no sense to me, politically or in terms of the personalities of the people involved.
But at this point, does that really matter? Ex-Attorney General Gonzales, meet the Death Cat. He's here for your career.
Back soon with more China adoption insanity. Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on: it's gonna be a helluva fucking ride.


SBird said...

Yeah, I heard one commentator put it in the nutshell for me: AG (the AG) never stopped being The Bushy's lawyer.

Insularity will go down as this administration's keyword in the history tomes.

Meghan h said...

On the Today Show yesterday, Tim Russert said something odd. Supposedly the edict inside Bush, Inc. HQ was that if you weren't planning to stay until Jan 20, 2009 -- pack your bags and get the hell out by Labor Day. Not sure what that's about...but it might explain some of these rats jumping ship.