Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Paging Dr. Peep

We told him to take his clean laundry to his room and hang it up...


So, anyway, we're still frantically working on the house this weekend and the Peeper is helping as best he can, what with being four and all. At one point we're trying to pick up the place and he comes across Mojo's little medicine box. You know the kind I mean, with the sub-compartments marked off with initials for days so you remember to take your pills?

"Cool!" he says, shaking the box to make the pills rattle. Please be careful, sweetie, says Mojo, don't break my pills.

"What are all these pills?" asks the little health care specialist. "Well, the red pill is a vitiamin to help make my body strong." she tells him.

"What's the white pill?" inquires Pharmacist Peep. "That helps make my head feel better," replies Mojo "so I feel happier..."

The Peep thinks about this for a moment and asks:

"Have you taken your white pill today, Mom?"


Millicent said...

emmm...could I have a white pill too please?

wzgirl said...

That Peep is one hella cute kid. Very cute boy with quite the penchant for camo.

walternatives said...

He's a clever one, isn't he? All the clothes are indeed hanging.