Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Overheard on the Porch

Fricking Blogger. Pictures are still showing up as a bunch of ASCII gibberish. Honestly, it's like hacking your way though the Digital Era with a goddam stone axe. If I didn't have such a long blogging tail behind me I'd find a new webhost.
Anyway, this was kinda sweet. Remember the little boy who made the comment that Daddy's possible decapitation of Little Missy with a chainsaw would be "a beautiful thing"? Well, he was outside playing with his friend Goofus the other day. Now I don't assign pseudonyms idly: Goofus is, well, goofy. Really. Clinically. He's got some sort of emotional problem, which you could probably figure by the fact that at eleven he WANTS to play with a four-year-old. Trust me - I keep a reeeeal close eye on him when he and the Peeper play together.
So the other day he starts talking about Missy's little nose - you can see from the picture that her left nostril is a teensy bit flattened. You can barely notice it, but that's Goofus for you. He starts yattering on about her nose:
"Her nose is wierd. Look at it, it's really funny looking. Isn't it wierd? Why is her nose so wierd?"
Big brother Peep thinks about this for a minute and the says in a very quiet voice:
"I think it's pretty".

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Debberoo said...

And pretty it is! Didn't your heart just swell when you heard him say that?