Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rainy Sunday

Well, something goofy is going on with Blogger (am I surprised? No.) and all the pictures for this post have uploaded as ASCII gibberish. I'll keep on going in hopes that the pictures will show up online as pictures.
This entire weekend has been the worst kind of Portland autumn weather: just a constant miserable drizzle, cold and raw. The sort of weather than can keep all but the hardiest of little peepers indoors. And to redouble the curse on our weekend, the expected indoor playpark at the St. John's Community Center didn't happen - not their fault; we read the schedule wrong. Duh. (Cool St. John's trivia: did you know that the SJCC was originally plunked down in an old cherry and prune orchard? Like, three blocks from "downtown" St. John's? In 1947? True fact.) So here we are: fourty-eight hours in to a weekend of nothing but each others' company and whatever entertanment we could scramble from what is in the house. We've played computer games. We've chased Little Missy around the house, watched Diego rescue the goddam elephants until I'm ready to go poach the things myself and to hell with the World Wildlife Federation. We're toast.
Important parenting safety tip: ALWAYS SCHEDULE SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKENDS. Sweetbabyjesus I'm ready to go mad.
One of the few nice things happening is that Little Missy has been terrifically sweet and happy this weekend. So I've thrown in all these pictures of a happy girl and her family. After the first week when we were so worried, it's nice to hear her silly laugh. Now we just need to find some friends for her to playdate...we're had completely ZERO luck contacting other parents in the Families with Children from China (FCC). Not sure why. Maybe our address raises fear. North Portland - that's where the gangsters are, right? So maybe they think we're raising our Orphan in the Hood...
Oh, and with the rains coming on we brought in a new exercise bike from my favorite sporting goods store: Play It Again Sports (your one-stop shop for truly funky smelling used lacrosse gloves!). Here's the Peeper trying it out.
So nothing new, or exciting. Just a nuclear family in the Twenty-First Century, locked in together by the rain and slowly going totally bugnuts.
Come out, oh Great Heat Tab in the Sky! Have Mercy on your People! Come out, come out, wherever you are and let the Children of Your Sunlight Run Free (and their Parents Save Their Sanity!)

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wzgirl said...

Ok, so, have all weekends planned? I'll take that into consideration when the time comes. But does Scoobie Doo + yogurt + nap just not cut it? Seems not. You've got two Peeps to contend with & that's just gotta be rough.

Let us know when you'd like to make a roadtrip down South to NoCal. We'll do our best. Maybe babysit while you visit a local sushi spot??