Monday, February 11, 2008

Tune in, turn on... "SexyBeijing".

In the sleepless pursuit of all things Chinese pop-cultural - see the preceding post for details - we here at the Fire Direction Center present Su Fei and her Chinese New Year special asking: Beijing man or Hong Kong man - who should I marry?

Yes, I know it's silly.

But isn't it funny? Yep.

I have absolutely no idea how true to either the fact or the spirit of mainland Chinese culture Anna Sophie's creation is. But...she is fun, and she has the goofy knack of getting people to say offhand, stream-of-conciousness things. Smacker? Boo-ya..!

Right now my little girl is a bit too little for Su Fei. But I hope both she and SexyBeijing are still chattering away in a couple of years. I think my little laughing Missy will enjoy this odd sideways look at her Auld Sod.

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atomic mama said...

Dude, this is great! Thanks!!