Thursday, October 16, 2008

Remember this..?

I do.Always thought it was the most successful of these just because of the wierdly haunting vocals.

But then, there was always "Conjunction Junction".


srv said...

Yep, nice.

In bad news, our cousins new major general calls for the next Mail Mary pass:

Osama looking for "Mission Accomplished" banner now.

FDChief said...

This whole "let's surge in Afghanistan" thing baffles me.

How do you "beat" the Taliban? Y'can't kill every Pushtun in the FATA.

We've got a pliant government in Kabul. We need to had 'em the keys to the HUMVEE locks and grab a hat. Hopefully our guys are better than their guys. But regardless, foreign troops ain't gonna cut it. We just have to deal with whoever winds up on top. Bribe 'em, nuke 'em or leave 'em alone - Alexander the Great's lessons learned from Afghanistan...

pluto said...

I always preferred "Naughty Number Nine" from the Math series of Schoolhouse Rock.

The history and civics part interested me considerably more. Foreshadowing of the future.

Lisa said...

These were fantastic. Some, like this one, perhaps a bit spooky, but always they insinuated themselves in your brain. I still remember the Preamble and the steps to the passage of a Bill this way.

It was a great foray into integrating different learning modalities, different ways of making the "conjunction". Pity we don't utilize our neural connections more efficiently.