Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Money! It's a crime...

I love the ideas here:

Starting with the whack abstract sawbuck...I love the idea of replacing that homicidal sonofabitch Andy Jackson with Duke Ellington, gentleman and creator, on the $20. Emily Dickenson on the ten-spot? Yowza. And Sam Clemens on the fifty? Mark twain, brother.

And the very notion of a Lady Day Dollar?

Testify, home slice! Amen, spanky!

Hey, I love the Founders; Lincoln and Grant were stand-up guys and all besides having some damn fine facial hair. But politics and politicians aren't all we are. We're also musicians and artists and writers and sculptors, scientists and poets, actors and ballplayers. Why shouldn't they be on our money, too?

Ok, the Jack Torrence/Nicholson #100? Not so much.

But with the dollar in danger of losing its position as the world's reserve currency, what the hell...why not? Let's ditch the greenbacks we've been carrying since the last Great Depression and go space age/new wave/coolfunkyhipcrazy. Let's put Cadillac Ranch and Enrico Fermi and the Space Needle on there. What the fuck.

It's not like the politicans we have now - the ones not on the money - are going to spend it any less foolishly.


Leon said...

As a Canuckian, I've never understood the American's contempt for our "monopoly money". The colours make it easier to identify bills. I like the designs and agree it's time to honour people other than just politicians.

However I know that it'll never be accepted, if you can't get those goobers in congress to sort out healthcare, what hope for this?

Leon said...

Oh and I'd add that from a PR perspective, opting for cultural icons on bills would be a huge bonus for America's international reputation. Singers, artists and icons can do more to build up the image the US wants to project to the average (foreign) joe than millions spent on adds and ribbon-cuttings.

FDChief said...

Leon: the interesting thing is, I happen to know that there's a decision in the lower Federal courts ordering the USG to redesign the currency to allow blind and other sight-impaired people to distinguish between bill denominations. The Fed is appealing it, of course, but you'd have a hard time defending the US position. Having slightly different shaped/sized/colored bills makes a lot of simple sense.