Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Jukebox 3: Go West!

Brilliant.Who knew that military pageantry was Teh Gay?

The Pet Shop Boys, apparently - this is their cover of a Village People tune that takes on a whole new meaning when played over all these hunky troopers strutting their stuff.

I'm glad I hadn't seen this whilst I watched all the military parades at the PRC 60th birthday bash. I would have been unable to stop laughing until the tears ran down my face.

I will never be able to think about those parades I marched in the same way again. And don't get me started on Division Review. Like hot oil night at Embers only with bayonets. Swear to God.


Ael said...

Nothing new here.

The Nazis did the best homo-erotic militaristic nationalism. The rest of the world has been playing catch up ever since.

Jim3rdOpsBN said...

The military focus on fashion is rarely brought up, either. Can you imagine arriving in formation without the excactly perfect outfit on? Heaven forfend! The recriminations and sometimes anger that would follow.. the public humiliation.. the shame!