Thursday, March 04, 2010


Sorry so silent.Bryn's birthday was especially hard this year, we've all been fighting colds, and I've been busy at work. Oh, and I've been scratching my forearms like an ape with mange - I picked up a bad case of poison oak strolling about the project site in Lebanon last week. I've never had an infestation this bad - nasty stuff. I had always thought that poison oak was just a slightly stronger version of poison ivy. No such thing. I will definately work to avoid the stuff in the future.

I've been thinking and blogging lightly over at MilPub, but I want to try and post something before the weekend. Check back in a bit. Thanks.


Lisa said...

I so commiserate with you on the poison oak -- sorry! It is horrible stuff. I had three successive bouts, each worse than the previous. The last went systemic, and I was covered in rash for 3 months. Horrible. Now, if I even get in the vicinity it seems, I get a rash.

I hope you have relief soon. Really hot showers deplete the itch response for awhile. A cortisone shot may be necessary.

Barry said...

Get the cortisone shot, get some Benadryl (for allergy reduction and for sleeping), and find out what sort of lotion to use. Get a case of it, and have your wife prepate a lotion bath. Those children have had enough pampering; time for Daddy to be taken care of:)

sheerahkahn said...

You po'bastard, I feel for you.
All I can say is make doubly sure you super wash those clothes of yours...and when I mean wash, I mean wash the color out of them.

Also probably a good idea to just wash them by themselves, and then do an empty wash to clear any possible oils from the machine out, too.
Other than that...try not to scratch to feels good for a bit...but burns.