Friday, June 18, 2010

U.S. 3 - 2 Slovenia

Bad, bad call.Should be reversed by FIFA, as I've discussed. Not to excuse the mistakes that got the U.S. men's team 2-nil down at the half. But this is really inexplicable. If it was supposed to be an offsides, it was just wrong. If it was some sort of push or other contact, well, you couldn't really call it on one side without the other - both teams were fighting for position.

Three games today, two stunning and featuring some very...unusual...refereeing. In the Germany-Serbia match from what I could see much of the Spanish referee's work was within the letter of the Laws of the Game, but not what you typically see in international soccer. The Germans were very slow to accept that he was showing yellow for what would have been ordinary fouls to a different official and paid the price for it.The third, England's goalless draw with Algeria, was just dire.More tonight.

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