Friday, June 11, 2010

Window dressing

Trying a new look. What do you think?

I like the more colorful blogface. I wish they had a "rain" background, since, hey, this is Portland, Oregon, it's what we do. But the mountain forest works for me, too.

The only think I'm not sure about is the light type on the gray background. Seems a little eye-strain-y.

Please feel free to slag off in it - I'm not sold yet.

Update 6/15: I've brightened up the post text - I like the yellow better. How's that?


Lisa said...

I like the colorful background, too. It would be nice to have darker print, if that were possible.

Project Ni Hao said...

I like the look - the type looks fine. I think light or bright is best on the darker gray background - the yellow really looks good.

Pluto said...

I agree with Lisa on the darker print. Also the out-of-focus image drives me a little bit nuts. I'd prefer an in-focus picture or going back to the original(dull but non-controversial) background.

basilbeast said...

Boy, have you opened a can or worms!


The only thing I cannot abide is if you go Gothic on us, like red print on black or gray background, or white on dark.

That would suck.


basilbeast said...


"can of" or "can o' "

damn sheerakhan, it's all his fault over at milpub.

got me all riled up.