Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny Papers

Whilst searching for illustrations for the post I did on Kid Vid one part of the work I enjoyed was browsing the great stuff that gets posted on "Deviantart".

Some of it was so good I wanted to share it with whoever it is that wanders in this place nowadays. So.

Remember my guy Zuko from "Avatar"? Well, here he is, "off-camera" cracking up his Uncle Iroh.

And no, Zuko, you really weren't born to do comedy.Johane Matte - who draws under the nom-du-deviance "rufftoon", has done all kinds of terrific stuff with the Avatar gang, including this one, which channels the truly gifted Bill Watterson;And just one more - this one managed to hit both the Avatar gang's story - in "Sozin's Comet - The Old Masters" Aang and Zuko DO go looking for the secrets of firebending - as well as King Louie from "The Jungle Book". Now THAT's fucking brilliant:I loved this Adam Hughes take on Jedi Master Yoda twitching through his libidinous fantasies of nubile Jedi; it's a perfect spit-take on the 12-year-old fanboy sexuality of the Star Wars universe.I wonder - how dirty is it possible to get when you're a 600-year-old dirty old man?

There is no reason for this. It's just a beautiful image from Alexandra Douglass, and I liked the cascade of blood-red leaves blowing across the white painting.A random nightmare, courtesy of Chris Sanders:This wonderful artwork by Arthur Parreira, titled "Samurai Wars" done in the style of 木版画 (moku hanga), Japanese woodblock print, even includes the dialogue from the duel scene in the film in kanji.Utterly fucking brill and just another example of the best work from the Lucas canon now coming from people other than the creator himself.

As is this, from the SW parody series "Tag and Bink", by Kevin Rubio, Lucas Marangon, and Dan Jackson.Because surely not all the kids the Jedi scavenged from around the galaxy turned out to be Jedi Masters, right?

No deep thoughts. Just pretty pictures on a rainy night. I have to be up early and you should probably be in bed too. So, g'night.


Lisa said...

Loved the Jungle Book ("Look for the, bare necessities...")

Also, swimming the other night quiet and alone I had a great experience of moving through red petals. I thought perhaps someone had cast them there, as though just for me. I then noticed the bush alongside losing its petals. It parallels your lovely picture, I thought.

FDChief said...

Mmmm. Lovely image. That's a pleasing thought to take with me to sleep.

Lisa said...

I like to share the pleasures of my solitude with few ...

(I now swim in wetsuit top (it's cold!), so if I can get someone to shoot the photo, that can be my next icon shot.)