Sunday, October 31, 2010

Puppy and the Red Ninja

It's Halloween again, and that means kids dressed up in search of sugary treats, of course. Both little ones were very excited about trick-or-treats this year and have had their costumes picked out for weeks now.

This is Little Miss as The Puppy. Note that the puppy-head is now too small and she cannot pull it on, so she looks like an adorable Asian preschooler in a furry white coverall. Puppy. 'K?
The Peep went as the Red Ninja, deadly assassin and second grader.
Here's the decorations on the porch; you'll note Zeebog the Reindeer of Death on the left there. That was a Peep idea. Not sure what the idea was, other than it was lighted and moved. Go figure. You may not be able to make out the details in the Halloween picture on the right, but, trust me, it's WAY cool; it has spaceships and tanks in it along with the usual ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and bats. Way.
I had a terrific evening, BTW; home with the candy bowl, a cold Oktoberfest and a hot dish of savory pot roast to keep out the cold, and the Seattle-LA soccer game on the telly(which Seattle lost, to make the evening even better!). We had surprisingly few kiddos come to the door. My favorite were the three middle-school age guys in their street clothes, backpacks-for-treat-bags and skateboards. "We're dressed as sk8trs..." mumbled one when I asked him about costumes.

Anyway, the little troupe that included Puppy and the Red Ninja wandered off in search of loot and I got to relax on the couch and enjoy a delightful Halloween Night.Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. G'night.

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Lisa said...

Glad you had a pleasant night. I like the festive orange lights.

In unity with Missy, my Auntie Lola made a mint green cat's outfit one Hallowe'en which I adored (replete with green satin pre-aural areas). The striped whiskers allowed me to fully manifest my feline self :) God but we raked it in, candy-wise.

(Oh, and this IS too funny: My word code below is "minti"!)

I, too, noticed less trick-or-treaters. I wonder if some parents are scared of potential terrorist candy ...?