Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Heart of Oak

Spent last Thursday up in the hills east of Gaston. Pretty spot but turned out to be full of poison oak.I tend to be susceptible to the noxious weed, so I was fully rain-suited and gloved, but something wasn't covered and a nasty patch of dermatitis turned up on my right wrist by Saturday. But the worse was Sunday, when a puffy redness below my right eye turned out to be more of the damn stuff.

I've tried the usual over-the-counter remedies but this is nastily resistant, and I suspect I will just have to wait and hope for the discomfort to run its course.

Well, bugger. Now I really need to scratch.


Lisa said...

I am so sorry, and absolutely commiserate! We are both suffering at the same time :(

With me, I should have known better. I am virulently affected by the stuff, and I laid down on some old towels in the sun to soak up some rays on a recent lovely day. What I had not remembered was, these same old towels had lain in the rag bucket since last summer, when I used them for the same purpose once before. Save for that time, I remember gazing sideways and noticing a threatening vine crawling in the grass about 10 feet away.

I should have washed them in boiling water at the time, and must not have. Hence the back rash now.

Pluto said...

I'm facing NO problems with Poison Oak. Of course, the 12+ inches of snow snow on the ground might have something to do this.

If you want to talk cold's, on the other hand, I'm right there with you!

FDChief said...

Lisa: Oh. Ouch. At least my infestation has avoided the tender parts other than my face (and that the least of the lot) and is accessible; I trust that the affect spot is high enough that you are not having to restrain the urge to scratch in impolite places yet low enough to make calamine application and discreet scratching possible without contortion...

(As an aside, a friend once made the mistake of sitting down in poison ivy whilst wearing hiking shorts and spent the next two weeks in considerable discomfort. One afternoon she was waiting in line at the supermart and 1) caught herself using the magazine rack to scratch and 2) looked up to see the very shocked matron watching her. She gave the woman a innocent little smile and said sweetly "I always get this way when I'm in heat. Don't you?")

FDChief said...

Pluto: So far we've avoided the colds. But it's still winter yet...but snow? I'd gladly trade 6 inches of the white stuff for our endless rain. I've got a hawaiian shirt on today to try and chase some of the rainy gloom away...

Lisa said...

It's dreadful that it's on your face -- most sensitive area.

With me, thank goodness I must've been wearing panties as the rash seems to roughly follow that line upwards. Thankfully it wasn't a more bohemian outing, and the poison oil was attenuated by some months on the towel.

I have been having some relief with unscented lye soap and a salve I found @ walgreens of spruce oil, camphor and other old-fashioned things.

FDChief said...

The facial bit is the most irritating while at the same time the least serious. It has puffed up the skin below my eye to the point where it forms a dark patch right at the edge of my peripheral vision, and I keep blinking and swiping at it thinking I have something stuck ON my face rather than an inflammation OF it. Gah.

And glad to hear that you were judicious enough to enjoy your sunbathing without the need to don Nature's garment (as much as that might have delighted the eye and decorated the scenery). "Noble, nude, and antique" is all very poetical, but would have made you Our Lady of Pain indeed.

I like the Victorian salve of camphor and spruce oil (at least, I like the aroma); the calamine is much less romantic but seems to be effective. Today I am considerably less roseate. Thankfully.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you're on the mend (me too).

I enjoy being au naturel in absolute privacy, and thank goodness that must not have been the case the day I trucked out the poison towels.

Thank you for being sweet :)