Saturday, March 26, 2011

Walt's Nightmare

My understanding is that Walt Disney was one of these people with an obsessive need for propriety.

Couple that with his corporation's voracious pursuit of profit and you have a series of virginal "princesses" smiling blandly from storybooks, lunchboxes, plastic sandals, and every other freaking thing a little girl might want to acquire. Being the daddy of one of these little girls, I'm very familiar with the Disney Princesses.

But not quite like this;Nice...a little series of Mucha-style DPs as the Seven Deadly Sins over at "Wildammo".

Here's my favorite; Princess Jasmine does "Wrath":Um. Wow.

Somehow I don't think that's going to make the side of the lunchbox.

While we're on the subject of Dincesses, here's a couple more I liked; "Hipster Princesses", courtesy of "Geek With Curves". Meet Hipster Belle:Hipster Mulan:and my fave, Hipster Snow White:That humming you hear is Walt. Got him spinning nicely, haven't we?

No more bloggage - it's late, and I have a busy day tomorrow. C'ya then.


Lisa said...

Hipster Mulan reminds me of Yoko on Dick Cavett, when he offered to light her ciggie. She withdrew, explaining she could light her own. Yikes! Did she wonder why they called her Dragon Lady?

FDChief said...

It's a fine line, that line between independence and rudeness, made even more difficult by the standard conflation of chivalry with possessiveness. There is many the day I am thankful that I was not born with reproductive equipment; our society makes being a woman extremely complicated. Your example of grace and forthrightness is a tribute to your character. For those less blessed, femininity must be very difficult...

Lisa said...

I feel we must take the genteel gesture in good faith, as it always brightens a life, IMHO. To me, it is rather petty to make an ideological stand when no offense has been given! This is what a man can do (gentility), and this is what a woman can do (accept with grace). [Of course, there is more ...]

You are always so kind, and it is in the presence of such largeness of soul that a woman may blossom :) Thank you for being you.