Sunday, June 19, 2011


"Father's Day"C'mon, really?

For all that this silly day is some sort of ridiculous scam, I have to say we had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday was rainy, so we went to our beloved Rose City Gymnastics for the open gym. The littles love the heck out of this place and so do we; they jump, balance, flip, and tumble, and we help where we can and applaud when we should. It's a terrific way to spend a drizzly Saturday, and for ten bucks it's quality fun!From there we went to our Powell's Books (with a stop at L'Arcs D'Or for the Boy, who luuurves him some Mickey D's fries. I hate to admit it, but I like 'em myself in all their greasy, salty goodness. No joy on my Chilton's Guide, tho, so it was home for a quick stop and then out to meet our friends Meghan and Will at the Saraveza "Bottle Shop and Pasty Tavern", and, sure enough, they had a bloody incredible selection of beers in the bottle, and the beef pasty was hot, rich, and good.From there we parted company, me for home with the kiddos, Mojo to the Expo Center to watch some kick-ass Portland Roller Derby sport. Little man's well-loved after-school-care teacher was there, skating under her nom-du-derby of Kickassidy, and tho Mojo said she did, indeed, kick ass it wasn't enough for her team to handle the Break-neck Betties, this year's Rose City Rollers champs.I stayed in with the kiddos; Peep played his "World of Tanks" MMO game, while Missy and I watched "My Little Pony". Yes.

I admit it, all right?


I fucking like "My Little Pony".

For one thing, the little buggers are hilarious. Here's Rarity (the "fashion-girly" pony) finding her own way of dealing with her captors, the nefarious Diamond Dogs. Oh, and extra points for the gratuitous David Bowie reference, by the way:The people responsible for the new "My Little Pony" clearly have no intention of playing it straight. So nearly every episode we watched - and that girl loves her some ponies, so we watched a LOT - had some sort of little sting in its tail, whether it was the defeat of the Diamond Dogs through power whining, or the utterly unhinged antics of Pinkie Pie, who is some sort of holy fool of a pony, a Loki and a Coyote of all things four-footed and cute. She's at her best when she sings or when she gets excited - she rockets around like a hamster huffing nitrous oxide. She's a freaking riot.See what I mean?

Anyway, we had fun, and so did Mojo.

This morning I got a Father's Day present from the kiddos, and Mojo cooked a yummy breakfast, and then I went to do my own Father's Day good deed for our friend Christine and her oldest son. He's fifteen and starting to get bit by the automobile bug. So we took Stinky the Honda Civic down there, did the brakes (a fun, easy sort of wrenching to start with) and then went for a stick-shift lesson on his quiet street. Young man did well, and we all had fun; Mojo and Christine chatting, E and I wrenching, Peep and his pal the Poet playing Xbox, and Missy cavorting in the floor-jack box and doing art projects.

After another quick trip home I went downtown with my friends Brent and Julie for dinner and the Timbers-Red Bulls match. Good food, exciting match (tho we should have made 3-1 stand up instead of letting the bastards escape with a point...) and then home to bed.So. Maybe this whole Father's Day nonsense isn't so bad after all.

As Pinkie Pie herself would say; ya gotta care.

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