Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friday Jukebox: Wednesday Edition - Trouble Man

Because it was a long, cold day and I'm feeling like looking for trouble.
What the fuck is with contractors who seem to have a problem understanding this simple rule; if you bid the contract to build my engineer's design, you don't get to choose not to build that design because it's haaaaard.

If you can't do the work, don't bid the job.

There's only three things for sure: taxes, death and the trouble I will give your incompetent ass if you send your people out to do a sad, sorry job and then expect me to fucking sign off on it.

I come up hard but never cool.

I'm your construction inspector, and right now I'm your goddamn Trouble Man.


Lisa said...

I love Marvin Gaye. I can definitely see you as Trouble Man.

Not so my architect friend in England who is now having trouble collecting from those for whom he's done jobs -- "associates" and "friends". He's most frustrated and despondent at the moment over the prospect of having to sue.

Anonymous said...

. . . . and next time you see your Sen. Wyden, kick his scrawny butt for this

I'd pay for your trouble, Trouble Man.

Why are these Democrats so intent upon making themselves if not stupid, then unpopular with the folk who would vote for them?


FDChief said...

Lisa: I must have had some of Marvin's dangerously-cool mojo, because today the boys had their shit together.

Movin' down the line...

Basil: Yeah, I actually called his office about this today and told them that they could tell him from me that he was a goddamn idiot if he thought that Ryan was doing anything but using him like a Muppet.

I normally have more respect for Wyden, but he's being a fool on this one.

Anonymous said...

OK, so where do I send the check?