Friday, December 30, 2011

Some days... just doesn't get any better.
Can you tell?

And there's even more today. Well, hurrah!


Lisa said...

Sorry -- it seems more than a bit miserable.

FDChief said...

The downpours held off, actually, and the drilling went better than I'd feared, so, all-in-all not a bad deal.

Plus two PKs = eight hours of pain-free sleep. Now THAT was worth the price of admission.

Lisa said...

Hurrah! Yes, I figured it was pain that was awaking you. I don't like taking more PK than necessary, so a good solution is to keep a spare on the bedside table with water, in case.

Also, I find some breathing techniques helpful to slow the autonomic nervous system -- they actually put me right out, usually.

Anonymous said...

The New Year is bringing all you want, Peace, Love, Security, and Joy.

Worries and fears are thing of the past.


Just here to idk, say hi I guess. :)

How 'bout wishes for another year of predictable and enjoyable family life?

You too Lisa!