Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tillers of the soil (with cat)

After all that ranting (see below..) I wanted to post a nice little domestic scene, so here it is; our new raised raspberry beds.

You'll note that the vegetation down on the end is different; Mojo planted a couple of heirloom tomato plants down there...

...and her beloved basil, as well.

All together, it really was a lovely summery day today.

The Boy and I played LEGOs and drove around the town (I asked him if he wanted to see the Navy and the other diversions of the Rose Festival and he shrugged. Good lad! He's a chip off the old Portland bloc!) and the Girl and her two next-door friends played outside and exchanged coos over "Precious", the little black-and-white tabby from down the street they have adopted as their communal pet.

So the raspberries are finally in, the lawn is mowed, the borders weeded...ahhh...I feel a heady rush of sweetly urban domestic bliss.

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Labrys said...

Man...that is what we need to do to our garden, hopefully this fall...make raised beds capable of being covered to extend our shortening summer season!