Friday, October 25, 2013

Burnin' love

Speaking of ghost towns, did you know that the road into the Pennsylvania ghost town of Centralia - abandoned because of an accidental coal seam fire set fifty-one years ago - is a congeries of spray-painted art including (of course) the ubiquitous symbol of the human male with waaaayyy too much time on his hands, the graffiti penis?


Now you do.

Peckers aside, the story of Centralia is actually kind of a sad story, like the little towns of Doty and Dryad; once living places that were simply thrown away because they were no longer convenient, or wanted, or, in the case of Centralia, victims of an ignorant mistake.

At least one thing never changes through place and time.

If we have a dick, we're thinking about it.


Jayzus, we're worse than goats.


Lisa said...

<*big smile*>

I was wondering when my follow-up to Tom of Finland was coming :) We love our little goats -- provided they have an overlay of tending to their little nannies (we don't want "wethers", really.)

We want the best of Homo erectus + Homo habilis + Homo sapien. That's not too much, right?

Cue up Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Shouldn't I have all of this and, passionate kisses, from you."

Lisa said...

as an aside, I have a friend in Centralia, WA, and though our political ideologies don't jibe, it is nice that we can share some heartfelt common ground.

pellegrinch said...

We used to drive through Centralia, PA, before they tore it down and closed the road, on the way to see my grandparents. I remember when you could see the smoke coming from the ground and the roads buckling. No penises back then.

FDChief said...

Lisa: Well, I suspect in a perfect world there's a perfect synergy of kisses and...well, lets just say that for the yin of "soft" the is a yang of hard. Two parts make one whole, neh?

And I've spent quite a bit of time in the Washington version of Centralia, and it is very beautiful country peopled with a lot of folks who think that FDR was Joe Stalin in a wheelchair...

Lee: I suspect they were there, just attached to the fellas in Centralia. Now the men are gone and only the images of their wedding tackle remain (along with the smoke and the buckling roads - if you follow the link there are some awesome pictures of those roads. They look worse, if anything, today...

Lisa said...


Yes two parts make the whole.

ISTM it's a pretty nice system, pretty simple, but many go clogging it up for failure to appreciate and yield to its facticity, and their own simplicity.

Sometimes, we must work so hard to distill the essence of the simple thing, which I s'pose has something to do with dismantling our own armature. A paradox, no?

Lisa said...

Oh, and per Centralia:

I've never been, but I do love your description ( a lot of folks who think that FDR was Joe Stalin in a wheelchair), and it HAS to correct from my dialogs :)

Lisa said...

um ...

"it HAS to BE correct from my dialogs"