Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oregon Asshole Award (October 2013): Greg Walden

He was a worthless little glob of douche-drippings back in January when he was on record meeching and gibbering about the now-legendary platinum coin.

And he's still a niddering puddle of enema-backwash who joined with "the terrorists" who voted to shoot the hostages and tank the U.S. economy.

So here's to you, Greg Walden, you acephalic congeries of ditch-scrapings and gorilla-scrotum sweat; you're the first double-winner of the un-coveted Oregon Asshole Award in GFT history.

I still wouldn't spit on you because I respect my own spit more than that.


Leon said...

I think you're hedging Chief. Tell us what you really think of him.

FDChief said...

I wish I could. I cannot find invective raw enough to express the contempt I feel for this prancing little Daddy's Boy the fucking rubes out beyond the end of the MAX line have inflicted on my state. He truly is the boil on the chancre on the wart on the ass of Oregon. A lingering painful death of some sort of incredibly agonizing cancer would be too merciful for him.

Big Daddy said...

Related random factoid, the Wednesday edition of the Portland fishwrapper had a map showing Oregon counties by with the percentage of the population receiving foodstamps. Interestingly food stamp usage is pretty high in those Republican voting counties. I wonder why these people keep voting to cut their own throats?
Would help if you pinned his face to a dart board like we used to do with Nixon?

FDChief said...

The fact that the impoverished shitkickers in the unpaved portions of Oregon insist on yanking down their own britches and handing penurious little pecksniffs like this the birch rods has passed the point of irritating and entered the realm of broad comedy. These Teatards are really the Stooges of politics; so busy trying to bonk Negroes and uppity wimmins and Teh Gays on the head that they can't see that they're no more than Soylent Green to the oligarchs who are using them as waldoes to hand the wealthy over largesse from the public purse.

Fuck them.