Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday Jukebox, Insinuating Seventies Bass-line Editions

One of my favorite Steely Dan tunes, a classic bit of skritchy Seventies grind-and-slide cabaret rock with the usual infectiously insinuating Steely Dan bass hook.

Extra credit to the YouTube creator, someone named Daniel Aragão, for the delightfully bizarre old cootchie dance images. And let's not leave without a tip of the hat to Dave Parks for the awesomesauce talk-box guitar solo.

I should note that I saw these guys live back when they were actually "Steely Dan" and they were...well, pretty much all over the place. That driving, polished tight sound you hear? All in the studio.

Some people really shouldn't play their music live.

And since I'm in a sort of over-produced, here's one of my favorite Seventies covers; the Pointer Sisters' version of Fleetwood Mac's Hypnotized:

Their 1978 album Energy had a slew of great covers, including the one that got all the radio airplay in that summer of my junior year in college, Springsteen's Fire.

And it's a damn good cover, mind you. But I remember making out with Kimi Yokoyama with Hypnotized playing on the radio in the background and that's a damn fine memory and a damn fine song.

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Ael said...

Those were the days.