Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Early Holiday Haiku

Burnt bean in red cup;
You taste of atheist scorn

And the bile of Trump.

Honestly. You goddamn people need to get out more. Or get a hobby. Or something.


Ael said...

I am so confused.

Starbucks imitating a Tim Horton's cup is worthy of a haiku?

FDChief said...

Apparently it's the brew-ha-ha IN the red cup; it's an atheist assault on Christmas. Or something. The Donald is fulminating that all good Christians and Republicans (but I repeat myself...) should boycott the twin-tailed mermaid because the "holiday" paper cups have no reindeer or Santas or presents or similar Christian images to remind us of the Reason For The Season (merchandising, naturally...)

Ael said...

Ok, let me get this right. American mass media considers a disposable plain red coffee cup a news worthy event because it doesn't have a reindeer on it (which everyone knows to be a deeply christian symbol).

And The Donald will make America great again by restoring said symbol to its rightful place. Therefore everyone who is not over-caffeinated can sleep easily tonight.

That actually makes as much sense as anything else in American politics. I am so glad that I am Canadian.